Spend A Magical Weekend In Southern Ohio At Ironton Wizardfest

Get in muggles, we’re going to Hogwarts.

Well, actually, we’re going to Ironton, but I expect the adventure will still end up being pretty magical. Ironton Wizardfest is a community celebration of the-boy-who-lived. The festival is for fans of all ages to celebrate fandom and the magic that is the Harry Potter universe.

The festival will be serving up Butterbrew, so grab a pint of the frothy good stuff and get ready to be knocked off your broom. During the festival, witches, wizards, and muggles alike will be able to participate in classes, compete is cosplay contests, interact with magical teachers, and create their own wands and potions.

Oh, did I mention? There’s a magical pub for attendees who are over 21. Perfectus totalus, amiright?

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Photo-Op Alley will act as a large scale interactive exhibit for attendees to exercise their skills in Instagram selfies and photos with our displays inspired by scenes from the much-adored book and film series.

Festival-goers will be able to attend classes, including potion-making, defense against the dark arts, spell casting and more. There will be workshops on herbology in a full-scale greenhouse, wand making and broom building, and even visits from some of your favorite magical creatures.

In addition to all of the wizardry wonderfulness, the fest will also feature escape rooms, food, crafts and retail vendors, live music, art, and cosplay contests.

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Ironton Wizardfest will take place on November 9th and 10th in downtown Ironton. Single-day passes start at $10. Go get magical, my friends.

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