12 Fabulous Felines From Columbus, In Honor Of International Cat Day

This is an important Tuesday because it’s International Cat Day. So raise a glass to all the furry nuggets who make our lives much more interesting.

Here are 12 cats from Columbus to help you appreciate this blessed day:

This cat, who does an amazing Kate Winslet.

Or this guy, and the rabbit who hath stricken fear into his heart.

How about this fluff muffin and her pup protector?

And this little ginger guarding this very important can of sparkling water.

This very intense bub, who is trying to intimidate you.

And this kit, who insists you don’t change the channel.

This furgoblin, who can’t believe you finished off the Doritos.

And this silly cat, who’s trying to figure out yoga.

This fella, who just wants it to be Friday already.

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What about this cute kitty, who’s clearly thinking very deep thoughts?

Or this grump, who’s very disgruntled by all the pictures.

And finally, this cat, who has seen the light.

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