Indochine Cafe Will Close Permanently At The End Of January

An iconic Vietnamese restaurant is closing up shop at the end of January.

Rumors first began swirling over the summer that Indochine Cafe, home to some of the most delicious pho in the city, would be closing.

The restaurant, which opened in 2005, has had a loyal customer base in the city since the very beginning. Although fans of the eatery were sad about the closure, they were also excited about the second half of the announcement made by the restaurant over the weekend on social media.

“Even though we will be closing Indochine, we will be opening a new business under the name Racha Tea,” reads a heartfelt message on social media. “Yes, we will be opening a bubble tea and dessert shop in our building! Under this new business, it will formally be a carry-out style with no dine-in, where our focus will be selling drinks and various Vietnamese desserts and even some new items.”

Racha Tea won’t be selling any popular hot dishes like pho or the amazing stir-fries (RIP), the new concept will serve up banh mi, egg rolls, and spring rolls. Indochine owners Amp and Phuong Mai plan to step down and relax after many years of hard work and success, but they’ll still be around Racha Tea from time to time to visit the new owners, their children.

“We will forever hold all the unforgettable memories we created from the past years, near and dear to our hearts and will cherish them forever,” reads the post. “We know that this is heartbreaking news, but we hope that you all will support our decision and that you will continue to support in our future endeavors for that this isn’t a final goodbye but a hello to a new chapter in our lives.”

Indochine Cafe’s final day will be January 29, 2022. The restaurant is located at 561 S Hamilton Rd.

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