Columbus Officials Went To Check Out Hyperloop One And It’s Still Awesome

Ready to get your Hyperloop hopes even higher?

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Committee (MORPC) traveled to Nevada earlier this week to take a closer look at DevLoop, the world’s only full-scale hyperloop test track.

The Virgin Hyperloop One test track is a one-mile long tube track. The route proposed by MORPC would connect Chicago, Columbus, and Pittsburgh, changing the way people and businesses navigate the midwest region.

According to MORPC, a study will be released later this year detailing the feasibility of the Midwest Connect route. Eventually, the goal is to have a hyperloop track that transports both humans and cargo at speeds of nearly 600 mph. That speed would make traveling from Columbus to Chicago a mere 30-minute journey.

Hyperloop One has completed nearly 200 test runs so far, with scientists gathering data on every variable. In December, they broke their fastest speed yet: 240 mph.

The scientific process behind hyperloop technology can get confusing. The very basic breakdown is that the pods travel within a tube. Inside the tube are near vacuum-like conditions, reducing potential resistance from the air because there’s barely any left to put up a fight. These conditions allow the magnetic track to propel the pod forward.

Thea Walsh, director of transportation systems and funding with MORPC, made the trip to Nevada to check out the Hyperloop.

“You get to see the science behind it, the actual batteries. The actual facility where people go every day to work on computers and test this,” Walsh told ABC6.

Although the Hyperloop is still in the early stages, it’s hard not to get excited about the possibility of something like this coming to Columbus.

Don’t mind me. I’ll just be over binge watching my favorite sci-fi and waiting for this futuristic awesomeness to become reality.


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