Here’s Your Chance To Take An Inside Look At What It’s Like To Flip A 100-Year-Old Home

Flipping a house can mean wading into murkier than usual waters.

But there’s basically nothing that Jenn Kessel-White, Realtor extraordinaire, is too afraid to take on. Especially when it’s a house this special. Jenn embarked on this renovation experience with Sarah and Nick of NESTRS, and they’ve been documenting all of their hard work along the way.

It all started when Jenn met Elizabeth Brown, the former owner of the Southern Orchards home. Brown had lived in the home for 30 years and had initially reached out to Jenn to sell the house.

“I met her over a year ago and she was amazing,” said Jenn. “She was in her 80s and quite a character.”

The pair bonded throughout their first conversations about selling the property, but eventually Brown decided she didn’t want to part with the home. Jenn understood completely, but still visited with Brown.

Sadly, Elizabeth Brown passed away in late 2018. Jenn was contacted by her son, who knew of the relationship that the pair had built, and said that he would love for Jenn to sell the house and that his mom would have loved that too. But Jenn felt such a connection to the property that she decided to buy it herself and work on it as her first flip project. That’s when she enlisted the help from NESTRS for the renovation and design!

The home, named Betsy after it’s eccentric former owner, is undergoing a complete renovation right now. The trio is inviting the public to come to a Mid-Flip Open House next week. The open house will include refreshments from Mad Tree Brewing and the opportunity to learn more about flipping a house, including the chance to pick the brains of both contractors and hard money lenders!

The event will take place on Tuesday, July 30 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the house, which is located at 563 Seibert St. in Southern Orchards! For more info, you can follow #betsy614 on Instagram.

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