Melinda From House 214 Design Wants To Help You Perfectly Decorate Your Home

Finding your home decor vibe isn’t always easy.

If you feel like your house is currently an amalgamation of acquired pieces, thrift store finds, and chaotic color palettes, you aren’t alone. And it’s because of people like us that the need for people like Melinda of House 214 Design exists.

When I first met up with Melinda, I have to be honest, I was a little nervous. I knew a little bit about her, and she seemed nice enough, but what had me feeling really intimidated was how freaking gorgeous her house was. I have a velvet llama hanging on my walls that I truly consider art, so I wasn’t exactly sure what she’d make of me or my design aesthetic.

Luckily, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. From the moment she glided into the coffee shop where we were meeting, I felt at ease. And I say gliding because she’s sort of magical like that.

We dove right into the conversation and truthfully, it felt like I was talking to an old friend. Which makes sense because Melinda’s whole superpower is being able to help you find the home design that works for you. I’ve met other designers. They have a vision, they’re artists, they’re lovely, but ultimately, they can get a little pushy sometimes. Not Melinda. She asked me a lot about myself and about the sort of things I gravitate towards. Colors, textures, seasons, etc.

Melinda uses her people skills to hone into what you may not even be aware of yourself: that style factor that makes you, you.

“When I’m helping a client, it’s not about my style. They may see my home and think that it’s beautiful, but if I did exactly that in their home, they may not like it,” Melinda explained. “That’s because style is personal.”

It can be hard to be authentic in our world today. Do we want subway tiles because we want them? Or do we want them because they’re all over Pinterest and HGTV? Through House 214 Design, Melinda offers programs that can help you get to the root of all of that.

Through online videos, courses, and other exclusive content, Melinda has a design school of sorts. She works with her clients to make informed decorating decisions that can not only save a lot of money (we’re looking at you weird rug I don’t know what to do with) but will also help you achieve that feeling of peace and joy in your own home.

If you want to learn a little bit more about House 214 Design, you can do that here. Because you’re awesome, I’m also going to hook you up with a link to Melinda’s Facebook group, where she provides workshops and an awesome online community of everyday designers just like you!

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