16 Times #61Fur Proved It Was The Most Adorable Hashtag On Instagram

Hitting that midweek slump? Don’t worry. I’ve got the cure.

I’ve had a pretty crazy week and honestly, this roundup is just as much for me as it is for all of you. Whenever I’m feeling down in the dumps, I head to the happiest place on Instagram, #61Fur.

There are cute puppies. Adorable kittens. Heartbreakingly sweet kittens and puppies together. There are even occasionally baby humans. Honestly, it’s just the most wholesome and heartwarming place on the internet.


Here are 16 photos that prove #61Fur is the most adorable hashtag on Instagram.

1.) Cat got your tongue?

2.) Me when I’m trying to untangle my Christmas lights.

3.) Puppy kisses = heart officially warmed

4.) Who doesn’t love a good snuggle?

5.) The most boopable snoot in Columbus.

6.) My heart can’t take much more.

7.) Seasons Greetings from this adorably curious pup.

8.) O-H!

9.) The best kind of hugs…

10.) Oh deer!

11.) What an epic squad.

12.) Nothing should be allowed to be this cute.

13.) Let me tell you ’bout my best friend.



15.) Just look at those pearly whites!

16.) Okay, that’s it. My heart is officially overloaded with joy.


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