Gypsy On The Mile Will Be Your New Favorite Lunch Spot In Downtown Columbus

When ranking meals of the day, I have to be honest. Lunch is my least favorite. I don’t know. Breakfast is important, or so I’ve been told. And dinner can be so glamorous. But lunch? It’s just sort of a thing we do to keep ourselves going through the last few hours at work.

Those are all things I would have said before I had lunch at Gypsy on the Mile. Now, my view is that there is nothing more important than lunch, especially if you’re eating at this wonderful, beautiful restaurant.

Located on the ground floor at 200 S. Civic Center Dr., Gypsy on the Mile is such a treat. The restaurant opened back in June and regrettably, I only just got the chance to visit for myself. The first thing I noticed is how bright and colorful the place is.

When you walk through the door, you’re hit with soaring ceilings, tons of natural light from the lobby outside, and a beautiful collection of art, courtesy of the building’s owner. But a very, very close second is the aroma. It smelled delicious and I was pretty sure, at that point, that I was in for a life-changing lunch.

At the helm of the restaurant is Jamie Young, and her wife Taylor. Jamie has worked in the Columbus food industry for a while now, most recently at The Keep in Hotel LeVeque.

Now I’m sure you’re curious the restaurant is beautiful, but now you’re wondering about the food. Gypsy on the Mile is adventurous in its menu, offering everything from Chicken Paprikash to Cajun Shrimp Stir Fry.

Speaking of the stirfry, this is the dish specifically that started this whole love affair for me. Lunch shouldn’t be allowed to be this incredible, folks.

If you’re still hung up on how important breakfast is, don’t worry. They serve that too when they open at 7 a.m. every weekday morning.

Congratulations on finding your new favorite downtown lunch spot. You can thank me later.

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