Grandview Cafe Is Opening Its Doors On May 18 To Reveal A Modern Speakeasy

After over a year and a half of renovations, the Grandview Cafe is all set to reopen its doors on Thursday, May 18. The festivities will begin at 5 p.m. and will go on until midnight. The Grandview Cafe hosted a successful soft opening for friends and family over the weekend and proved that they’re ready to go. Let the excitement begin!

One of the renovation’s main focuses was to open up the space. This was done in a couple of different ways. For one, the kitchen was moved upstairs to open up the lower floor and more tables were added. Once dark and dingy, the bar is now flooded with natural light thanks to a bunch of new windows.

Charles Carter, the General Manager of both the Grandview Cafe and Balboa, has watched the cafe transform before his eyes.

“By far, this is the most extensive renovation the building has seen. We’re gearing up for the next 20 years,” said Carter.

The accordion windows that were added were one of the biggest undertakings. The wall that lines Grandview Avenue—where the windows were added—contained many load-bearing beams. A structural engineer had to come out to the building and put it on a jack.

The bar will seat anywhere from 300 to 400 guests inside, upstairs, and on the upper and lower patio. Though patio space is often sought after, all the new windows will give guests a patio atmosphere without having to be outdoors.

Throughout the renovation process, they have paid careful attention to detail. The cafe is paying tribute to its history with a very vintage vibe. Old luggage lines the side of the bar, exposed brick peeks out on the walls, and an entire wall is dedicated to pictures from the Cafe’s past.

“We put out a Facebook post encouraging people to send old pictures that they had of the Grandview Cafe,” said Carter. “I think people really enjoyed the sentimental touch that we brought to it.”

The building that houses the Grandview Cafe isn’t the only thing that the business has made an effort to improve. According to Carter, they looked at every facet of the business and figured out how they could do it better.

“I’ve really tried to make of effort of bringing good people here,” said Carter. Since he joined the Swanson Hospitality team he’s been focusing on accommodating the customers. “We have a great staff here and I think it all starts with them.”

The Grandview Cafe has been around since 1925 and the days of prohibition. Well, the drought is over and the community can once again enjoy beer and spirits in this nearly century-old staple of Grandview. Don’t you worry. The improvements are well worth the long wait.

“This place was pretty rough when they started here,” said Carter. “It’s like watching a piece of coal turn into a diamond.”

Here are some more pictures to tide you over until Thursday when the party starts at 1455 W. Third St.

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