Ohio Governor John Kasich Says The Current Healthcare Proposal Is “Unacceptable”

Governor Kasich calls for bipartisanship in rewriting Obamacare’s replacement.

Ohio Governor John Kasich released a statement today, calling the new Republican backed health care bill “unacceptable”. Republican leadership has recently been attempting to sway the support of individual states in support of Trumpcare with limited success.

“Its cuts to Medicaid are too deep and at the same time it fails to give states the ability to innovate in order to cope with those reductions.” Says Kasich. He insists that the bill fails in the same manner as Obamacare in that it refuses to negotiate with both sides of the political aisle.

This may tie the hands of Ohio U.S. Senator Rob Portman, but as he said in a statement of his own, “I’ll review the text of this new legislation just like I did the last version, and I will review the analysis from the Congressional Budget Office when it becomes available.” The message gives him a bit of wriggle room but the Senator has been very vocal about his displeasure of the current Affordable Care Act.

Only time will tell if Ohio politicians will really file behind party lines or if they’ll opt for a more bipartisan proposal, but if current protests are any indication, their constituencies are losing patience and fast.

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