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Glacier Ridge Metro Park Will Receive New Obstacle Course, Dog Park

Glacier Ridge Metro Park is about to get a serious upgrade. Metro Parks has decided to spend more than half a million dollars adding new attractions to the park.

The 1,000-acre park will receive a brand new obstacle course, along with a new dog park and other improvements. The obstacle course, which will cost $112,750, will be started soon. According to The Columbus Dispatch, it will be completed sometime in May 2018.

It will include tubes to crawl through, log challenges, a rope climb, a climbing net, and rings.

The dog park will consist of 2.5 acres. Some of the areas will be wooded, offering shade for pups and owners a like. In addition to the challenge course and dog park, some of the paths will be repaved, sidewalks will be improved, as well as other structural fixes.

via Metro Parks

Glacier Ridge Metro Park is located at 9801 Hyland Croy, Plain City OH. The park originally opened in 2002. The park was named for the glacial debris left behind over 12,000 years ago when the glaciers retreated.

Throughout the park, visitors can play disc golf, visit the Wind and Solar Learning Center, stroll through the Honda Wetlands, and view varying landscapes. There is even an observation tower. Activites at the park include biking, horseback riding, cross country skiing, and picnicking. Pets are allowed.

The park is open from 6:30 a.m. until Sunset, every day.

Start practicing for the obstacle course now!


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