Not Only Is Giordano’s Pizza Incredible But So Is The Service

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I tried Columbus’ newest Chicago style pizza joint and it did not disappoint.

“Pizza isn’t pizza if you have to eat it with a knife and fork,” said all the pizza nazis and thin crust enthusiasts.

Normally I’d agree with their general naysaying, after all, I’m no stranger to having ostentatious opinions about generally agreeable foods. But I ignored their cries, you just can’t hate on a deep dish pie loaded with enough cheese to stop up traffic on the entire outer belt.

Giordano’s Pizza on Polaris Parkway has been a long time coming, with its location being the first ever in the Buckeye State. The authentic Chicago pizza joint opened its doors earlier this week with a soft opening, limiting its hours from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Anyone that knows me knows that I get embarrassingly excited about trying new foods (or old foods or, you know, food) so of course I had to sneak in to try a slice. The place was pretty busy but they seemed staffed pretty well enough to handle it.

Our server was smiley and hospitable, which was great and all but she literally could have barked and robbed us at knife point for all I cared.

I was there for one reason and one reason only: to eat as much pizza as humanly possible and Napflix immediately afterward (that’s watching Netflix with the express intent to nap through whatever show you just put on, you’re welcome Columbus).

I gotta say, Giordano’s definitely lived up to the hype. The deep dish pizza was loaded with cheese and sauce and pepperoni, with the crust much lighter and flakier than I expected.

The best part was mowing a slice all the way down to the end crust, with just a light sauce remaining on the end nubbins, and shoveling down the rest of its soft tender goodness with a hearty swig of beer to wash it down.

And for all you deep dish haters out there, they even have a thin crust option that was pretty fire in its own right. We got ours loaded with spinach and artichokes so we could pretend that we were being fancy health eaters (we were not).

All in all, Giordano’s on Polaris Parkway was a pretty great pizza joint, worth checking out for anyone curious about how the Chicago stuff stacks up. And if you’re wondering, no, I didn’t eat mine with a knife and fork. I used my hands because that’s how pizza is consumed, I don’t care how unwieldy it is. Who do I look like? That old monocle guy from Monopoly? (see picture below, I very much do not).

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