G. Michael’s Bistro Has Closed After 23 Years

G. Michael’s Bistro has closed after 23 years.

The announcement was made on the restaurant’s website, as well as their social media on Monday. The closure is effective immediately.

“Although we are closing, we do not view it as a failure. We are lucky to be going out on our terms, successfully. The future of the industry is cloudy, and the costs are getting more challenging,” owners David Tetzloff and Jeff Benson shared in a letter to the community. “At the end of our time, the decision is purely financial as it pertains to our lease. After all the wonderful years and so many fond memories, there is no way to think of our years in German Village as anything but a success.”

Jeff Benson and David Tetzloff, photo via Facebook

The restaurant has been a favorite in the city for over two decades, especially in German Village, where it earned a loyal customer base. Naturally, fans of the restaurant were heartbroken by the news, sharing their love and appreciation for G. Michael’s staff on social media.

In the farewell letter, the owners thanked not only the customers but the hardworking staff they have had throughout the years. You can read the full letter here.

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