Columbus City Schools Will Now Offer Free, On Demand Short Stories

Columbus kids are about to have access to something that would have blown my mind as a child.

I’m not talking about iPads in classrooms or other high-tech gadgets. Columbus City Schools is installing story kiosks around the city to promote reading.

An example of a short story kiosk from Short Edition
The idea of a machine that prints off a short story on demand it something from my childhood dreams. I loved reading as a kid more than anything else and I still love it as an adult, so to say I’m weirdly jealous is an understatement.

The great thing is, these kiosks won’t just be for children. There will be two story options, “Stories for Children” and “Stories for Everyone” to choose from.

The literature will be provided by one of my favorite companies, Short Edition. Short Edition has access to tens of thousands of stories, all waiting to be printed out and placed in the hands of a Columbusite who wants to read.

As reported by WOSU, the school district will start out with five machines, with the first being installed at the Central Enrollment Center in the spring. The kiosks will also be able to coordinate with major events happening around town, providing stories that relate.

via Columbus City Schools Facebook

“What we’ve seen is in where other places they’ve been used, mind you we’ll be the first district we’re aware of on the planet that’s actually doing this district-wide, but what we’ve seen happen is that they generate conversation between people that print out one of those short stories,” said Columbus City Schools Superintendent Dr. Dan Good.

Good, who will retire at the end of this month, spoke with WOSU’s Ann Fischer this morning, speaking about his career at Columbus City Schools.

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