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Get Your Free Lyft Rides This Weekend, Just In Time For Oktoberfest

Don’t get caught driving under the influence this weekend, take advantage of these free rides and let Lyft be the designated driver.

We know you want to get out there this weekend and enjoy all the awesome events and festivals. With Oktoberfest now in full swing, it’s hard to resist downing that fourth or fifth tankard of beer before shoveling down all those sausages and bratwurst.

But with great beer comes great responsibility, my friends. It’s important to have a proper exit strategy for when it’s time to head back home and nap off all that hefeweizen. Luckily, the City of Columbus, Lyft, and Anheuser-Busch, have all teamed up to make your transportation a little easier and the streets a little bit safer.


The program, known as the Columbus City Pilot to Reduce Harmful Drinking, was created to reduce drunk driving by providing viable solutions.

The goal was to provide up to 2,000 free round-trip rides each weekend from September 7 to December 31. That’s right, free designated driving on a weekend that’s already looking to be pretty saturated with German beers.

While Anheuser-Busch and Lyft are providing the free driving service, Columbus follows up by upping the presence of police on the street, enforcing traffic laws while on the lookout for drunk drivers. Feeling discouraged from driving while inebriated? Good, that’s the whole point.

This unique partnership is the first of its kind but hopefully, other cities will follow suit. “We hope to use findings from this Columbus program to strengthen efforts in other cities and increase our impact in the future.” said Katja Zastrow, vice president of corporate social responsibility – Better World, Anheuser-Busch.

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The free ride codes change each weekend, with the beer and beverage company dropping them on their social media accounts around Thursday afternoon.

But don’t fret Columbus, we got your back. Here’s the link for this weekend’s free ride codes. You just have to be 21 or older and the free ride credit comes up to $30 ($15 each way).

So, yeah, getting out there and having a good time is pretty important, but making sure you get back in one piece and that the roads are safe for everyone is something we should all get behind. And hey, it’s free so why not? Have fun Columbus, ride safe.

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