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Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien Seems To Have A Ted Cruz Problem

Just days after Senator Ted Cruz was outed liking graphic images on his Twitter account, our own County Prosecutor finds himself in similar hot water.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien may have just found himself in the midst of a Twitter scandal of Ted Cruz proportions. According to Plunderbund, an Ohio political blog, the Franklin County Prosecutor has made it a habit to express his more “intimate” interests through his Twitter account.

On several occasions, the account has been known to “like” pornographic and erotic materials. Unlike the recent scandal with Senator Ted Cruz which garnered a huge amount of national attention, O’Brien’s actions don’t seem to be the fault of an isolated incident, making it harder to excuse as “accidental” or a simple mishap by an absent-minded aide.

The incidents seem to go back as far as January when his account happened to click like on a post linking to the winner of an adult film competition. The incidents continue up until this August, with the account liking graphic images and materials linked by various pornographic websites.

While what a man does or “likes” in the privacy of his own home should be of no consequence to anyone, the use of a very public account by a very public official to engage in such activities is, at best, thoughtless. It does more than raise a few eyebrows, it calls into question the person’s motivation which, in turn, can lead to doubts concerning their character. Only time will tell if such a line of questioning will follow O’Brien or if it will just be brushed off and shrugged away.

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