To No One’s Surprise, The Franklin County Dog Sleepover Program Was A Barking Success

I’m not shocked by the fact that people fell in love with dogs over the holiday season, but I am so happy to hear it.

The Franklin County Dog Shelter ran a totally awesome program over the holiday season. Just in case you hadn’t heard, let me catch you up to speed. Over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, dogs were placed in homes for 3 days, to spend time out of the kennel and to give prospective adopters a chance to get used to life with a pup in the house.

So just how successful was it? Over half of the dogs that participated in the sleepover program found their forever homes! That’s a lot of wagging tails, my friends.


The Holiday Sleepover program was so successful that the shelter is considering opening the event up more often.

The hundreds of people who volunteered to take dogs weren’t just helping out the pups. Having the dogs in safe, loving homes over the holidays gives more staff at the shelter the opportunity to spend time with their families.

If you missed out on the opportunity to host a pup in your home, but you’re interested in adopting, don’t freakin’ hesitate to visit the Franklin County Dog Shelter Facebook page. They share tons of adoptable pups, including the sleepover participants, who get a fun recommendation from their host family!

How many dogs is too many dogs? Because I want them all.