How A Documentary Filmmaker Investigated The Forgotten Women Of Ohio

In May of 2014, a Chillicothe woman, Charlotte Trego, went missing. By 2015, six women had disappeared. Four of them are now dead.

So what was going on in the small town? That’s what documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger hoped to discover. He and his team headed to Chillicothe in an attempt to put together the pieces of this mysterious and troubling puzzle.

Berlinger made a decision to investigate these cases in real time, and to be a part of the journey in front of the camera. He met with the families of the missing girls, law enforcement, and other locals to attempt to bring closure to the cases.

As Berlinger dove deeper into the investigation, he discovered nine women across three Ohio cities, including Columbus, whose cases all shared one similarity: a known drug trafficker Ernest “Dollar Bill” Moore.

This series isn’t just about the women who tragically lost their lives. It’s about the opioid epidemic that is crushing Ohio right now. It’s about alleged police corruption in Ross County. And it’s about the families who are left to deal with the tragic aftermath.

The documentary series has offered exposure for these women, telling their story to more people than have ever heard it before. Last week, a petition at was launched with the goal of convincing Attorney General Mike DeWine to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate this case.

The petition is addressed to Attorney General Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General Jill Delgreco, and Governor John Kasich, and reads:

“We the people of Ohio respectfully request you to Appoint a Special Prosecutor in Ross Co Ohio to investigate the deaths and disappearances of the women of Chillicothe, OH as well as the alleged corruption within the Chillicothe Police Department.”

The eight-part series is available on Spike TV.

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