Flying Allegiant Airlines Was The Best Travel Decision I’ve Ever Made

I would love to start this off something quippy like, “I flew Allegiant Airlines so you didn’t have to”, but this isn’t going to be one of those stories.

I’m always hesitant of budget anything. Especially when it comes to putting your life in the hands of a complete stranger. But snagging 2 roundtrip tickets to the beach for $331 had me willing to try.

With budget airlines, the price you see on the first click won’t be the price you pay when all is said and done. First, you pay for your seats, and then your baggage, and then anything else you may want or need on the flight. You can see how they have the potential for ending up pretty pricey.

One of the things that made me most interested in trying Allegiant over other budget options like Spirit was the fact that they fly out of Rickenbacker International Airport. My curiosity was enough to push down any doubts, and I booked the tickets.

Passenger Terminal at Rickenbacker International Airport via Facebook

When we first got to Rickenbacker, we checked our bags and went through security in under 20 minutes. Allegiant is the only airline operating passenger flights out of Rickenbacker, so there are only two “terminals”. I had done a little late-night Yelping before our flight and noticed several people complaining that the only refreshment option was a small “coffee cart”, so I had brought some trail mix.

Luckily, I got to save it for the plane because the “coffee cart” was more of a coffee booth, serving coffee, Bob Evans breakfast sandwiches, and tons of other yummy snacks. They also seemed to have magically escaped the insane airport price hike that you’ll find at literally every other airport. I purchased a drink for $1.50. ONE DOLLAR AND 50 CENTS. Already, the trip was an unparalleled success.

When it was time to board, the flight attendants were efficient and helpful. While purchasing our tickets, we spent a little extra for “Legroom+” seats. I have short legs, but my husband was thrilled with the extra space to stretch out. The seats weren’t luxurious and they were pretty barebones, but they were seats on a plane headed for the beach, so we were cool with it.

Enjoying our direct flight on Allegiant Airlines.

Even though we knew it would cost us, we were in full on vacation mood and both decided to order a drink. My husband enjoyed a $7 Budlight and, being the sophisticated woman that I am, I ordered a $6 mini-bottle of Pinot Grigio. With all the money we saved on Airport snacks, the extra funds were burning a hole in our pockets anyway.

The only complaint I have about the whole experience was that at the end of the flight, the Flight Attendant came on the radio to do a short credit card presentation. On the flight down, it wasn’t really a bother, but on our 5 a.m. return flight, no one was in the mood to hear about all the sweet deals we could get if we just filled out the application.

Overall, the experience was great. In addition to our checked bags, we were allowed one personal item. The website had very specific dimensions for these personal items, but no one cared or checked their size. The planes weren’t fancy but the flights were direct and the service was great.

Currently, Allegiant mostly flies out of Columbus to various locations in Florida, including Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. Destinations outside of Florida include Myrtle Beach, Austin, New Orleans, and Savannah. For more info, you can visit

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