Get Out And Try Something New Around Columbus With Flavvr

💸 This post is sponsored by Flavvr. But rest assured, all thoughts and opinions contained within are genuine and our own. 👍🏼

We all want to be better about trying new things, but sometimes it can be a challenge.

It seems like every day in Columbus, there’s another brilliant restaurant or bar opening up. Eventually, the to-do list for checking out new spots gets pretty long and then you’ve got to start making the tough choices.

If you want to try somewhere you haven’t been before and you want to save money, there is, as they say, an app for that. Flavvr is the perfect way to get off the beaten path and explore Columbus’s food scene without breaking the bank.

The app gives members access to all sorts of incredible deals, including discounts and special foodie events. Let’s take a look at a handful of amazing places you can visit through Flavvr.

Soine Vineyards Winery

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About: When people think about a visit to the vineyard, they probably think more Napa and less Ohio, but they shouldn’t. Soine Vineyards Winery is located in Powell and you can see the whole process of wine, from vine to bottle. Sample some drinks, have fun, and save a little money. What’s not to love?

Claudiana Italian Restaurant

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About: I firmly believe that some of the best food in America is hiding in strip malls. Claudiana Italian Restaurant only prooves that point further. The eatery features rustic, made from scratch Italian cuisine.

Noble Cut Distillery

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About: Obviously, when it comes to booze, central Ohio knows what is up. Noble Cut Distillery is crafting small-batch spirits in Gahanna that are made with all-natural products. Perfect for when you want to watch what you’re putting into your body, but what you want to put in your body is booze.

Rishi Sushi

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About: Rishi Sushi isn’t exactly a secret. In fact, it’s one of the most well-known sushi spots around. But did you know that the General Manager Nick Harris is a certified sake master? Get to know everything about the Japanese alcohol and enjoy a California roll or two.

The Ville Grille

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About: Sometimes, you just want to eat a nice, perfectly cooked steak. Ville Grille is an American steakhouse in Marysville where you can do just that. Have dietary restrictions? The Ville Grille also offers gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

Opa Tavern and Grill

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About: There’s nothing I love more than a good glass of bourbon. I’m all about unexpected joys and finding one of the best bourbon selections on the menu at Opa Tavern and Grill definitely constitutes a happy surprise. Baklava and bourbon? Shut up and take my money.

Red Hook Grill

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About: Sometimes, you just wanna get away for the weekend to somewhere warm and sandy. If escaping to the beach for a weekend isn’t an option, consider grabbing dinner at Red Hook Grill. The Caribbean inspired menu brings the joys of St. Thomas to Grandview, and bonus, they’ve got some great vegan options as well.

Portia’s Cafe

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About: I adore Portia’s Cafe. The only way it could ever be better is if I’m getting a perk or discount, and that’s exactly what Flavvr is offering up. Portia’s was one of the first vegan restaurants in Columbus and it’s still going strong, mostly because it’s delicious. If you’ve been toying with the idea of going vegetarian or vegan, hit up Portia’s and let them show you how flavorful a plant-based diet can be.

Signing up for the app is insanely easy. I’m talking less than 5 minutes of your time here friends. Once you create your profile, you can find a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, explore their perks and promotions, and then head out to eat.

When it’s time to order, let your server know that you’re a Flavvr member. Once you’ve gobbled up all the goodness you came for in the first place, you’ll present the app to your server who will adjust your bill. It’s really that easy. Get all the details about becoming a Flavvr member here.

Happy eating, Columbus!


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