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Ohio Auditor Will Investigate Whether Taxpayer Money Went Into ECOT Attack Ad Against The State

The state of Ohio and the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow continue their long and bitter struggle, this time over ads aimed at the state.

The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow is once again under fire from the state of Ohio, this time for allegedly funding ads critical of the state with taxpayer money. ECOT has released several videos over the past year, all of which attack the state for attempting to shut down the online school.

The State has been fighting ECOT over $60 million worth of funds that the school owes Ohio since it was discovered that it claimed funding for 9,000 extra students that could not be verified.

Ohio Auditor Dave Yost has cited the school before, warning them that they were not allowed to fund such ads attacking the state with taxpayer money. ECOT Super Intendant, Rick Teeters, claims that the school itself never paid for the latest ad that stopped airing a week ago, but Yost insists on an investigation getting to the root of its funding.

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