A malfunctioning censor in the East Garage at Easton Town Center.

Easton Town Center And The Case Of The Invisible Cars

You wake up to an email from Bath and Body Works reminding you that they are in the middle of a great sale. Then, your go-to place to buy jeans sends you another email and reminds you that you have stocked up on rewards points that are burning a hole in your metaphorical pocket. Looks like you will need to replace that pair of jeans with a new one. Why not get some great smelling shower gel and a candle why you are at it?

You decide to go to Easton Town Center because it has both the stores you are wanting to hit. The fact that you have been craving Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream has nothing to do with it.

After battling traffic, you finally arrive at Easton and it is packed like any other weekend. You drive around until you find a parking garage with vacancies and thus begins the never ending circling through the maze of cars. Much to your frustration, there are clearly not as many spots as the sign outside the garage had stated.

After finally finding a parking spot, you dash into the mall, and weave in and out of the crowds of people.  You manage get everything your heart—and stomach—desired. However, it seems as if you completed all your shopping in nearly the same amount of time it took you to find a parking spot. It might not actually be the case, but it is a good thing the two pairs of jeans, two candles, one wall plug-in, and three scoops of ice cream were worth it.

I am sure that many people have experienced the following situation. Well, maybe not exactly, but something similar.

There is no question about the fact that shopping malls can be a nightmare when it comes to parking. Easton Town Center is unfortunately no exception (good luck getting a garage spot on a holiday season shopping weekend.) The shopping center installed parking sensors in the East Parking Garage within the past year or so. The Felon Square Garage Parking spot sensors hang above each spot and a red light is displayed when the spot is taken. A green light signals a free space. However, there are times where there is clearly a glitch in the system.

On a recent shopping trip, dozens and dozens of spaces were full but flashing green, making one question the utility of the system.

A malfunctioning censor in the East Garage at Easton Town Center.

However, Easton is aware that there is something going on with the sensors.

“Easton has over 9,000 parking spaces available to our customers via surface lots, parking garages, meters and valet.  Occasionally, the sensors in our parking garages require resetting and that is done routinely throughout the property,” said Easton Town Center Management in a statement.

The website also states that the sensors are part of its efforts to go green. “Our red/green parking lights reduce fossil fuel emissions by cutting down on the drive time of customers looking for a parking spot,” it reads on Easton’s Going, Going Green page.

There are clearly some improvements that need to be made to the system, but at least a simple reset can help fix the parking garage sensor problem.


What do you think? Have you noticed that these parking sensors aren’t always accurate? Comment below or tweet at us @CbusNavigator

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