via The Ohio State Fair

Dutch Operator of Fireball Says State Fair “Must’ve Handled It Unprofessionally”

Dutch amusement ride manufacturer KMG, the company who built the Fire Ball ride, are calling on all operators to close the ride.

According to a report by NL Times, a Dutch media outlet, KMG has asked operators to keep the attraction shut down while the investigation into events here in Ohio unfolds.

The manufacturer’s name for the Fire Ball is the Afterburner. There are two Afterburner rides in The Netherlands. One at Tilburg Fair and the other is operated by Projek 1. According to NL Times, a spokesperson for Projek 1 told Dutch media,

“In America they must’ve handled it unprofessionally, there’s no other way”, the spokesperson said.

In a separate report, the NL Times stated that The Afterburner ride had passed several inspections in multiple countries. Although KMG does do maintenance on some rides, they no longer service the Fire Ball here in Ohio.

“On the Afterburner in Ohio we did the maintenance unntil [sic] a few years ago”, said KMG project leader Albert Kroon, although he doesn’t know who took over maintenance on the ride after KMG.

The Fire Ball has been in operation since 1998. “19 years is old for an attraction, but there are older fairground attractions,” he said.

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