Dr. Amy Acton Teamed Up With CNN And Sesame Street This Weekend To Answer Kids’ Questions About COVID-19

Over the weekend, former Ohio Director of Public Health Dr. Amy Acton appeared on CNN & Sesame Street’s Town Hall ‘The ABC’s of COVID-19’. The town hall is a program from kids and parents to talk about COVID-19 and how we can all stay as safe as possible throughout the pandemic.

Dr. Acton appeared alongside Dr. Sanjay Gupta to talk about how kids can help keep their friends and families safe during COVID-19.

Dr. Acton’s calm and positive demeanor is comforting to kids and parents alike, and that was evident in her contribution to the program’s message. In addition to talking about the importance of wearing masks, Dr. Acton also spoke about how families can stay safe while going outdoors to parks and beaches.

“There’s some fun things you can do to keep distant too,” explained Dr. Acton. “If you’re out at the beach, you can make a giant circle out of the sand the same way you make sandcastles and you can make it big enough for your family. You can do the same thing in a park with chalk. So there are ways that we can be outdoors and even be close to each other, but still be safe.”

The full town hall addresses these issues in a way that is easy for the whole family to understand, answering big questions submitted by kids from across the country, from “do we need to wear masks outside?” to “can we have playdates with our friends?”

If you’re interested in watching it with your family, you can view the entire ‘ABC’s of Covid-19’ town hall right here.

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