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The Downtown Hilton Expansion Looks Freaking Beautiful

I’m a big fan of super shiny things.

So to say that I’m excited about the Hilton Downtown hotel expansion would be an understatement. Ever since last March when it was announced that the Hilton Downtown would be undergoing a major expansion, we’ve been quietly daydreaming about how the building would turn out.

It seems like the initial design of the hotel has remained and Columbus can expect a new, swanky sky scraper hotel if all goes according to plan.

The 470-room, 28-story tower expansion is expected to double the amount of Hilton employees, and for their convenience, an underground passageway connecting the existing Hilton and the new hotel across High Street will be constructed. Don’t worry though. The beautiful sky bridge will remain for guest use (and bomb ass Instagram photos).

A green roof will also be part of the building’s plan which is awesome for so many reasons, including the fact that it makes the building LEED Gold certified.