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More Hotel Rooms May Be Coming To Downtown Columbus

The skyline of Columbus may be changing yet again.

As reported by The Dispatch, The Hilton Downtown could be seeing a massive expansion or build an entirely new facility in order to add much-needed hotel rooms near the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Experience Columbus commissioned a study that focused on adding a 1,000-bed hotel to the area. According to The Dispatch, officials will be announced later this month a plan to expand the Hilton across North High Street.

The proposal is rumored to include adding 468 additional beds, an 18,000 square-foot ballroom, and 42,000 square feet of conference rooms and meeting spaces. The project could cost upwards of $162 million dollars and would be open in 2021.

To the average Columbusite, it may not seem like there is a hotel-room shortage. But if you’ve ever tried to book a room during a big weekend like the Arnold or Rock on the Range, you’d understand the plight. I learned that the hard way when I scheduled my upcoming wedding on that ill-fated rock weekend in May.

via the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority

Within a ten minute walk of the convention center, Columbus only has 2,700 rooms. When you think about the fact that for the Arnold Classic, there are 22,000 competitors alone, you can begin to see the need for more accommodation. Other cities similar in size to ours often have twice the amount of rooms in a convenient, short walk to their convention centers.

Although the area has seen an uptick in boutique hotels, Experience Columbus and other city officials clearly believe that those rooms won’t be enough. As our city grows, it’s important to make room for guests and visitors, especially those coming here to spend money and boost our local economy.

If we want to be a city that competes for events on the national level, we’ve got to show that we can handle it. The City of Columbus submitted proposals to host both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention in 2016 but ended up losing out to Philadelphia and Cleveland respectively.

Proposals like this will keep the city on an upward trajectory, and hopefully, bring our awesome city into the national spotlight.

If nothing else, I hope this leads to enough rooms to host an epic Comic-Con. What can I say, I’ve got geeky priorities.


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