BrewDog’s DogHouse Hotel Is Beautiful, And Booking Up Fast

If you can’t wait to stay at BrewDog’s new beertastic hotel, I have some bad news. You may have to wait a little bit longer.

Unless you are one of the lucky ones who already booked a room, the hotel, which only officially opened to the public on August 27, is already booked for the next 16 weekends!

So in the meantime, let me share some photos and fun facts I learned when visiting the hotel on Friday.

The hotel has 32 guest rooms, varying in size and layout, but consistently awesome. Each room has a shower fridge, a reasonably priced mini-bar fridge, and their own beer taps.

Some of the rooms at the DogHouse offer amazing views of Overlooks, the sour beer facility at BrewDog.

Of course, a vacation at a brewery could lead to some empty calory consumption, but don’t fear. Rogue Fitness and BrewDog have teamed up to create a state of the art workout facility with everything you’ll need to keep that beer belly off.

The ground floor rooms were my absolute favorite because I know my dog is going to lose his mind when I take him here and we can pop right outside the room and head to the dog park.

There’s no traditional front desk at the DogHouse. There is, however, a lobby bartender, who’s there for all of your needs, from grabbing a beer to voicing a complaint.

This isn’t the kind of hotel where you come and stay in the room the whole time (although you totally could with all the beer in there.) Part of what makes the DogHouse amazing is the communal aspect.

From board games to table tennis to brewery tours, getting out of your room isn’t required, but it is highly recommended.

The DogHouse is located at 96 Gender Road in Canal Winchester. For more information or to book your stay, please click here. For more photos, keep scrolling.

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