These DIY Inspired Date Ideas Are Perfect For All Of The Creative Columbus Couples Out There

Over the last year, I definitely acquired some new DIY skills.

My husband is an artist and so I have to admit that we’ve always been creative at home, but social distancing and spending a lot more time in these four walls have taught us how to keep ourselves entertained.

Now that we’re both fully vaccinated, we’re ready to put those skills to the test in the real world. Here are some DIY-inspired date ideas for all of the creative couples out there.

Plan a private evening at Maker’s Social

Maker’s Social is the exact place you’re looking for if having a cocktail and making something cute sounds right up your alley. There are all sorts of projects on the menu at Maker’s Social, from leather wallets to concrete clocks to wood 6-pack caddies. If you feel more comfortable crafting at home, you can get Cocktails-to-go and an At-Home Project Kit as well. For more info or to schedule your reservation, you can check out their website here.

Build a telescope and enjoy some stargazing
Okay so I fully admit that this one may be a little more challenging, but I think we can handle it. I’ve always been a fan of all things space related and one of my favorite dates is definitely stargazing down at John Glenn Astronomy Park in Hocking Hills. But for those of us looking to stay local, following a DIY telescope build may be just the ticket.

Take an art class together and create some decor for your home

via Studio 614 Facebook

My husband is an incredible painter, but I am decidedly not. But that doesn’t stop us from having fun! There are so many wonderful studios around Columbus that offer unique art classes. Studio 614 offers some really fun date night options and they’ll guide you through every step along the way. You can schedule a visit or order a kit to work on at home through Studio 614’s website.

Make DIY bath and body items and treat yourself to a self-care date night
A relaxing date is the best kind of date, am I right? There are so many fun DIY bath and body options, like bath bombs, sugar scrubs, face and hair masks, and more. Pinterest is a great place to start gathering recipes and never underestimate the power of a YouTube tutorial.

Take a glassblowing class at Franklin Park Conservatory

The Hot Shop at Franklin Park Conservatory is open to participants of all skill levels, even people like myself who have zero experience with glassblowing. You can make all sorts of fun things in these classes, which will be running all summer long. Nothing says love quite like a handmade terrarium. You can get all the info you need about the Hot Shop over on the Franklin Park Conservatory website.

Now get out there and (safely) have a lot of fun. After the year we’ve had, we all deserve it.

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