The Dispatch, Subtle Racism, And Editorial Choices In Social Media

When covering the $30,000 settlement Columbus is paying out to Demarko Dashawn Anderson for being stomped on the head by Columbus police officer Zach Rosen, the Dispatch had a choice of what photo to use on social media for the story.

They could use:

A: A photo of the stomping

Zach Rosen curb stomp

B: A photo of the police officer who did the stomping

Zach Rosen headshot

Or C: a mugshot of the victim

Does it surprise you that the Dispatch chose C?

Dispatch Rosen settlement Facebook post

For what it’s worth, all three of these would have generated similar levels of audience engagement and traffic.

And, naturally, the unmoderated Facebook comments took it from there:

Rosen Dispatch comments

This is your periodic reminder that the Columbus Dispatch is not local, and has no problem exploiting your fears.

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