DeWine Strengthens Mask Mandate, Considering Reclosing Restaurants, Bars, And Gyms

Gov. Mike DeWine addressed the state on Wednesday evening.

The governor struck a somber yet hopeful tone as he discussed new mask mandates and potential closures if the state doesn’t slow the spread of COVID-19.

The new mask mandate has three provisions. The first violation of the order will be a written warning, while the second will bring about the closure of the store for up to 24 hours. The provisions depend on businesses enforcing the mask mandate for customers and staff.

Gov. DeWine also announced that further decisions in regards to bars, restaurants, and gyms staying open would be made in one week. If there is not a decline in cases, DeWine said there will be “no choice but to shut down”.

Ohio’s Colleges and Universities have agreed to remain at home after Thanksgiving break where students will continue with virtual learning for the remainder of the semester. The governor also mentioned that students could remain at home, learning virtually in the spring semester as well.

Finally, new restrictions on gatherings are now in place. Parties and gatherings now require everyone to remain seated and wearing a mask unless eating or drinking, and also calls out “dancing and games” as being specific problems, which has led to a lot of Tweets like this one:

The governor once again asked Ohioans to be committed to wearing masks, practicing physical distancing, and washing their hands frequently. Yesterday, Ohio set a record high for cases, with over 6,500 cases, 386 hospitalized, and 23 deaths.

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