Gov. DeWine And Dr. Acton Have Their Own Theme Song Parody And It’s Brilliant

Catching up on the daily news for a lot of people involves tuning in at 2 p.m. to see Governor DeWine’s daily press conferences.

The new routine has gotten a lot of buzz on social media. The press conferences have managed to walk a delicate balance between serious and informative and uplifting and hopeful. It’s an odd thing to be trending on Twitter, but the people of Ohio have certainly appreciated the continual flow of information coming out of the governor’s office during the pandemic.

Like so many people who find themselves turning on the TV at 2 p.m., Ohio animator Dave Stofka also found himself watching the conferences and felt like they could use a little something more.

That’s when he decided to create some pretty epic opening credits.

“At one point, I remember thinking how popular Gov. DeWine and Dr. Acton were,” Stofka said in an interview. “I appreciate their press conferences and read all sorts of positive comments on Facebook about it. I said, ‘Gosh, all they need is a theme song.’”

And boy, oh boy, did he deliver. Set to the tune of Laverne & Shirley, the new opening credits feature appearances by Gov. DeWine, Dr. Acton, Lt. Gov. Husted, Marla Berkowitz (the governor’s fantastic ASL interpreter) and even Brutus Buckeye.

Good luck getting this song out of your head!

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