Kids Read To Shy Cats With This Insanely Sweet Program In Clintonville

A program at the Cat Welfare Association lets kids read to shy cats. Adorableness aside, the program helps both the kids and the cats build their confidence.

The Crime Cats Mystery Club formed as in collaboration between the Cat Welfare Association and author of the “Crime Cats” book series, Wolfgang Parker.

Gail Harbert, a program manager at the association, said they piloted the program last year. They had a full program up and running for this summer and will begin another session in the fall. Membership is limited to 20 kids per session. And the program has generated a lot of interest.

“We actually had to double the number of participants for our program this summer,” Harbert said.

Kids from the first to eighth grades can come in to read. They can read to the cats in the Shy Cat Room for 15 to 30 minutes at a time. As they accumulate more reading time, they become eligible for prizes. The program lets kids improve their reading skills and feel more self-assured about reading aloud.

It also helps the cats become more adoptable.

By interacting with the kids and hearing their voices, they get more confident too. Harbert said it also helps the cats build up their trust.

Harbert said they have not yet seen more of the shy cats get adopted because kittens tend to be the focus of adoptions in the summer months. However, there have been noticeable behavioral differences in the cats.

Harbert said the shelter sees more of the cats in the Shy Cat Room come out when they see people and engage more.

She added that it’s a great opportunity for kids to learn about animal rescue, on top of the confidence they build from reading.

Here’s to hoping these pawsitively adorable cats find their forever homes soon.



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