Cover art for this year's coloring book by Chelsea Bunn. Image via Creative Babes

Creative Babes Is Launching Their New Coloring Book And It Looks Beautiful, As Usual

Alright people, listen up.

If you haven’t heard of Creative Babes, I’m tempted to ask what sort of rock you’ve been hiding under. But instead, I’ll use the manners my mama taught me and explain one of the coolest things in Columbus.

Creative Babes is an organization that promotes, inspires, connects, and champions women around the city. Since they got started in 2014, they’ve hosted events, gatherings, connected creative women, and fostered a supportive, non-competitive community.

Next week, they’re hosting one of their most awesome events all year, the launch of their Annual Coloring Book.

“When Creative Babes began 4 years ago, we realized quickly we had so much amazing babe power at our fingertips, we couldn’t wait to do a special project for our community. Now, the Annual Coloring Book has easily become the project I look forward to each year,” said Marti Babcock, who manages special events for Creative Babes.

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The launch party will see Creative Babes teaming up with Flying Horse Farms and takes place November 15 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Land-Grant Brewing Company, the perfect setting to show off the third annual Creative Babes Coloring Book, The Great Outdoors.

The event is free and open to the public and will include the official reveal of the new coloring book. Each of the 46 pages of the book includes original art from 30+ women, including illustrations, games, creative prompts, and activities fun for all ages. If you fall in love with the coloring book (which you totally will) you can purchase one for a minimum of $10/each.

For every book sold, local children from Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Community Refugee and Immigration Services, and many other organizations, will receive a creativity kit that includes a copy of The Great Outdoors Coloring Book, a tote bag, and colored pencils.

“Due to the very hard work of our coloring book project leader, Diana Muzina and the generosity of community sponsors, we are going to meet our goal of donating DOUBLE the amount of coloring books we have ever donated,” said Babcock. “That’s 2,000 coloring books that will be in the hands of children in need of creativity.”

Cover art for this year’s coloring book by Chelsea Bunn. Image via Creative Babes

Additionally, every camper at Flying Horse Farms will also snag a creativity kit, which is Creative Babes’ biggest donation in history and is largely thanks to Sam’s Fans, a non-profit that raises money for art and music therapy for kids suffering from serious illness.

The launch party isn’t just for babes, but rather for the entire family. There will be kids activities and crafts, as well as a coloring contest from 6-7:30 p.m. The winner of that will take home their very own goodie bag from Creative Babes.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a visit to Land-Grant without some yummy food from Ray Ray’s, which will be selling their BBQ during the event.

If you’re interested in attending the event, or you’d like more information about Creative Babes, please click here.

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