New COTA Bus Routes Featured On Transit For Great Redesign

In an age when fewer people are using the public transit system, a simple redesign may be all it takes to boost the number of bus riders. According to Transit, an app that helps people get from here to there, the modernization of the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) routes is going to do just that. According to the app, COTA’s newly devised and simplified routes will get more Columbusites taking the bus.


While one might think that it takes a massive budget, new technology, and a complete overhaul of a public transit system to get people taking the bus, think again. Sometimes all it takes something as simple as rearranging the system already in place.

Starting May 1, COTA will begin taking new, more efficient routes around the city of Columbus. The folks at Transit are ready for the updated bus routes. The writer at Transit said that COTA’s new bus routes will give Columbus “better connections, and service in areas that puts 110,000 more jobs within a quarter-mile of a bus stop.”

“When public transit follows the routes and schedules that people actually need—big surprise—fewer people drive, and more people take transit,” said the article.

Transit also shined a spotlight on Jarrett Walker, a public transit policy consultant, who played a role in COTA’s route refurbishments. The man is a wizard when it comes to creating a public transit system that people will actually use.

Read more about the changes to COTA’s routes here.

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