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COTA Toying Around With The Idea Of A Ride Sharing Service

Since it was founded seven years ago, services like Uber have skyrocketed in popularity. The car ride sharing service operates in over 500 cities world wide. There are many benefits to this alternative to traditional taxis which include lower raters per minute spend within the vehicle and lower rates per mile.

The Central Ohio Transit Authority, commonly know as COTA, has noticed this trend and is thinking about jumping into the ring.

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A proposed deal between COTA and Uber would form partnership with a goal of making public transportation more appealing for the people of Columbus. The project is called COTA NextGen. This deal would provide users with a lift from their homes to the nearest access to traditional public transportation.

Cities like Cincinnati have already implemented similar arrangements and are testing the waters. The city’s Metro bus system has partnered with Uber in a program called Guaranteed Ride Home. This plan allows daily bus commuters to ride with Uber for free should they miss their typical bus ride home due to working late or other scheduling mishaps. Those interested in the program need only to register for the service.

While this proposition for Columbus could have success, I find it interesting that commuters would only be given a ride to another location where they would then get a ride to work. Why not just take the Uber all the way to work at that point?

Other ideas for COTA NextGen include bus rapid transit, electrical light rail, and street cars.

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