Who Is Ready For Some Science Fun? COSI Will Reopen This June

The wait is almost over. This June, COSI will open to the public.

COSI will be open Thursday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. starting Thursday, June 3. Over the last year, there have been two attempts to reopen, but due to COVID-19, COSI felt that they weren’t able to do so as safely as they would like.

When you return, you will notice COSI has made a number of very important changes for your health and safety including the addition to the COSI building of a new UV-C Photohydroionization air sterilization system in partnership with Dublin, OH-based HVAC company Air Force One.

“We have implemented a number of safeguards, including the addition of a new, scientific and technologically advanced UV-C photohydroionization air sterilization system to our building,” said Dr. Frederic Bertley, COSI President and CEO, when the museum had planned to reopen in November. “As we navigate through this global pandemic, the need for science literacy and engagement is more important than ever and only science will put the pandemic behind us. We look forward to welcoming everyone, including the scientists and leaders of tomorrow who will save us from the next global crisis.”

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UV-C photohydroionization uses ultraviolet light in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems at COSI to eliminate germs, viruses, and bacteria. If any company was bound to find a super cool scientific response to making life safer during COVID-19, obviously it would be COSI. The UV-C light in the system reacts with a catalyst and moisture in the air to produce safe, ionized hydro-peroxide. The hydro-peroxide is completely safe for us humans, but not for germs.

To start planning your visit, you can visit the COSI website here. For additional details on changes at COSI resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit COSI.org/covid19.

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