This Incredible Animation Exhibition Is Coming To COSI This Summer

COSI is gearing up for a premier exhibition this summer.

The Animation Academy exhibition will open to the public on June 26 and it comes to COSI from Stage Nine Entertainment Inc. The exhibition focuses on the unique and entertaining world of animation, from classic hand drawn cell animation to the ever-evolving world of computer animation.

The exhibition will explore animations from a variety of studios and collections, including the Clokey Estate, Chuck Jones Center Archive, and Screen Novelties.

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The Animation Academy features a custom spinning six-foot zoetrope with classics like The Simpsons, Felix, and Gumby. Guests can wander through and explore all sorts of fun types of animation, including 2-D peg board animation, 3-D stop motion, claymation, modelwork, and CGI.

“COSI is particularly excited to host this exhibition featuring such iconic characters and the inspiration behind them,” said COSI President and CEO Dr. Frederic Bertley. “Because we’re not just a science museum, we’re a cultural institution, thereby providing a 360 degree cultural experience fusing science and the arts. Visitors will not only get a behind-the-scenes look at the science behind animation but will also feel the nostalgia of seeing artifacts from some of their favorite Saturday morning cartoons and more.”

Display cases throughout the exhibition will house unique 3-D models and collectibles from the industry and films that have made history. Also on display will be original artwork from the classics from pencil drawings and painted cels to painted backgrounds.

COSI is now open Thursdays through Sundays, 10am – 5pm. To find out more about The Animation Academy and to reserve your tickets to visit COSI online, please visit

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