Calling All Animal Lovers: Your Dream Job Awaits

When you ask most kids what they want to be when they grow up, you’ll probably hear pretty common responses. Teacher, police officer, firefighter, or doctor. And there is nothing wrong with any of those professions. But if you had asked me what I wanted to be, I wouldn’t have hesitated to tell you: a marine biologist. SPOILER ALERT: I’m not a marine biologist. But I did spend the majority of my adolescence collecting information that most people would find useless. I began to store it all away for the day I left Ohio and made my way towards any ocean. I became obsessed. I spent hours reading about migration patterns of great white sharks. I listened to cassettes of humpback whales singing. I even cried when I saw a whale shark for the first time at the Georgia Aquarium.

Meeting Jack Hannah for the first time. Childhood dreams coming true, so excuse the cheesy smile.

But the place that inspired me the most, the one that forever holds a special place in my heart, was the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. In its nearly 100 year history, the zoo has influenced generation after generation, encouraging children and adults alike to learn about the other animals that share this planet with us.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Hey lady, what about the dream job”? Well, let me share with you. If you have a passion for wildlife, if you’d love to be a firsthand part of the inspiration mentioned above, you should apply to work at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The zoo has announced several seasonal positions they are looking to fill, and who knows, you may be perfect for it!

For more information, including the amazing perks you get as a team member at the zoo, check out their website here

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