This New Commercial From Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Will Leave You Tearing Up

A new commercial for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is receiving an outpouring of love and appreciation from families across the country.

The stars of the show are two awesome moms and their EXTRAordinary kids, Urban and Leah. They spent the day at the zoo getting up close and personal with elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and more at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

“We are always looking for awesome zoo stories to tell,” said agency President and Creative Director, Ron Foth, Jr. “One day I saw a photo posted of my friend’s son, Urban, at a dance with a girl named Leah… it was magical! Then when I found out they were really buddies and both loved the Columbus Zoo, we knew their adventure had to be told.”

“What we love is that this isn’t a commercial about Down syndrome, it’s a story about two kids who happen to have Down syndrome having an unforgettable time together,” said Kari Jones, President and CEO of the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio.

According to Columbus Zoo President and CEO Tom Stalf, “Our zoo is all about the connection people have with animals. So when we can share moments about how animals bring people and our community together, that really makes us smile.”

The commercial was filmed over three days and got over 90 thousand views in just one day.

Foth added, “What’s really cool is when you get a message from a mom whose daughter has Down syndrome. After seeing the commercial she says they’re planning a visit to the Columbus Zoo — and they live in Wisconsin.”

The commercial inspired families from near and far to start planning their perfect zoo trip.

Absolutely heartwarming.


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