Columbus Zoo Welcomes 3 ADORABLE Baby Tigers

The Columbus Zoo just welcomed three bouncing baby tigers and they’re just too cute to handle!

All three cubs are happy and healthy. They’re currently in a private den where they can relax and bond with their mother. The Columbus Zoo won’t be able to tell the sex of the cubs until they get a check-up in the upcoming weeks. The tiger cubs are not out for viewing at this time, but visitors should be able to see their fuzzy faces soon enough.

“Tiger cubs are quite fragile at birth, but Mara’s cubs are currently thriving under her care with the assistance of our dedicated animal care staff and veterinarians,” said President/CEO Tom Stalf. “We are pleased to welcome the cubs and to continue being a part of conservation efforts to protect the future of this species.”

The cubs’ mother is Mara, a 10-year-old Amur tiger and she has been at the Columbus Zoo for seven years. The daddy is Jupiter, also 10-years-old, who came to the zoo in 2015 from the Czech Republic as part of the European Endangered Species Program. This program hopes to promote genetic health and diversity among tigers in human care.

via The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The birth of these cubs is such a big deal because Amur tigers are a highly endangered species. According to the World Wildlife Foundation, there are less than with less than 600 Amur tigers remaining in the wild. These three little furballs bring the total of Amur tigers at the zoo to nine.

Featured image via The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

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