8 DIY Halloween Costumes For Procrastinators In Columbus

Imagine this: it’s a few days before Halloween and all of a sudden you realize, you don’t have a costume. If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t have to imagine too hard.

I’m an expert level procrastinator. My title may be self-appointed, but I assure you, my knowledge will be helpful. To make the perfect Halloween costume, you don’t have to look far for inspiration. Columbus is full of great ideas, just waiting to wow your friends as the perfect Halloween look. Okay, you’re right. It won’t be perfect, but at least you’ll be in costume. Let’s get started, shall we?

Urban Meyer

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Okay, people. This one doesn’t require much. Grab any piece of Ohio State clothing you own (preferably of the pullover variety) and pair it with a clipboard and an old video gaming headset. For extra authenticity, you can perfect Coach Meyer’s post “official ruling” eye-roll.

Goosebumps Book Cover

This one goes out to the artsy folks out there. Honor Columbus author R.L. Stine by dressing up as your favorite Goosebumps book cover. All you need for this costume is a piece of poster board and some drawing skills. Cut a hole in the poster board for your face and voila, the perfect costume.

DIY Brutus Buckeye

Get the party pumped up as everyone’s favorite mascot, Brutus Buckeye. You’ll have to get a little crafty when constructing Brutus’ head, but I have faith in you. Pair your paper-mache creation with an OSU sweatshirt and frankly, whatever pants you want. Your giant, buckeye shaped head won’t leave anyone wondering who you’re dressed up as.

Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri may have only lived in Columbus for a few months, but we don’t care. We love him anyway. Take all of your friends to Flavortown this Halloween. All you need to do is grab some dad sunglasses from the thrift store, find a flaming bowling shirt, and get some colored hair spray to frost your tips.

The Ghost of Thurber House

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few ghosts running around the city. Although this costume is clearly displayed on a dog, aka the most adorable creature ever, the same principle applies when making one for yourself. Grab a white sheet, cut some holes in it, and then you’re pretty much ready.

Jack Hanna

Spend your night dressed as Columbus’ favorite celebrity: Jack Hanna. Take inspiration for this costume straight from the man himself. To start, you’ll need a hat. Preferably a cowboy hat. You’ll also want a light or khaki-colored shirt tucked into khaki cargo pants. Finish the look off with a belt and some sort of exotic stuffed animal.

Ear of Corn (because everyone thinks we’re just cornfields anyways)

Embrace the biggest misconception about Ohio and dress up like an ear of corn. A green hoody, a shirt with DIY corn kernels attached, and some hay on top of your head should do the trick.

John Glenn

Ohio has produced some pretty cool people. But in my opinion, John Glenn is the coolest. Build your own DIY astronaut costume to channel your inner Glenn. Fair warning: You’ll need some paper DIY crafting skills to pull this one off.

Columbus Suburban Mom: Fall Game Day Edition

Do your best impersonation of a suburban Columbus mom this Halloween. You’ll need some Ohio State Football gear, including a jersey or vest, a coordinating turtleneck, an age-inappropriate face tattoo, and of course, a Buckeye necklace. At some point throughout the evening, you should probably check on everyone repeatedly to make sure they’re “okay” and ask to speak to the manager at least once.

If all else fails, you can just throw some sort of animal ears on. Happy Halloween, Columbus!

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