A Feathery Suspect Led This Columbus Cop On A Wild Goose Chase

Columbus Police officers extended a helping hand to an unusual resident yesterday.

Officers Mautez Fulton, Santonio Williams, and Debra Paxton came across an injured goose near Menard’s yesterday. The goose had a broken leg and local residents were worried about its safety.

Photo via Ohio Wildlife Center Facebook

Officer Paxton decided his new mission was to help this feathered friend and he gave the Ohio Wildlife Center a call. The OWC is a great organization that is dedicated to fostering awareness and appreciation of Ohio’s native wildlife through rehabilitation, education, and wildlife health studies.

After receiving instructions from the folks at the Ohio Wildlife Center, the police officers took the goose to the Franklin County Dog Shelter, where Shelter Outreach Services would intake the goose until an OWC volunteer could get it to the Wildlife Hospital.

Photo via Ohio Wildlife Center Facebook

For now, the goose will receive several weeks of treatment and nutrition before it will be released back into the wild, in the area where the officers found it. I may not be a big fan of birds, but any friend in need, even feathered ones, deserve a little help sometimes!

Hopefully, this goose will remember this act of human kindness and never chase another small child (or let’s be real, sometimes adults) around a park again.


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