Columbus Won’t Be A Sanctuary City But It Will Protect Its Immigrant Citizens

The city passes Sanctuary City ordinances despite rejecting the title of being a ‘Sanctuary City’.

Yesterday Columbus City Council decided on a proposal that affects the city’s immigrant population. Mayor Andrew Ginther introduced the ordinance to try to promote diversity throughout the city and to provide some smidgeon of assurance that the city will protect its foreign residents.

The proposal works on several levels, each of which guarantees that the city actively not discriminate despite a person’s citizenship. The first prohibits city employees from denying services based on immigration status. The second keeps city officials from soliciting information about a person’s immigrant status. In addition, city resources can’t go towards apprehending residents based on their suspected immigration status, nor can they request that information unless a warrant is involved.

Despite the steps taken to assure that the city is safe and welcoming for all of its different walks of people, officials themselves are staying away from using hotkey terms like “Sanctuary City”.

Many call the policies of Sanctuary Cities unsafe and say that they bait the government to deny federal funding by directly opposing its will.

The ordinance follows on the heels of an incident that many are calling a hate crime when a local Somali-American woman was hospitalized, sustaining severe injuries. The incident garnered national news attention and poured a pretty negative spotlight on our city. Hopefully, steps like these will help to paint the capital city as the diverse and welcoming place that it truly is.

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