Columbus Navigator Celebrates Our Brothers And Sisters For National Siblings Day

National Siblings Day was first celebrated in 1995 and hopes to remind people that despite age-old sibling rivalry, everyone should appreciate their brothers and sisters. It was created by Claudia Evart to honor her late brother and sister on the day of her sister’s birthday. Life is short. Tell your sibling you love them today. Even if they borrow your clothes without asking, hog the TV remote, and eat the last slice of your birthday cake.

Zoey Miller (far right) with his sister, brother, and father.

“I would like to make it formally known that all younger brothers and sisters are awful human beings,” said Columbus Navigator writer Zoey Miller. “In case there was any confusion.”

As the oldest sibling, Zoey has a fair share of stories about his annoying little brother and sister. But at the end of the day, he loves them. Antics and all.

Chelsea Wiley (second from the right) and her four sisters.

“Being the youngest sibling can have its challenges,” said writer Chelsea Wiley. The youngest of five girls, she knows about sibling rivalry all too well.

“You have to be open to opinions on pretty much every aspect of your life. But it’s worth it because you have a built-in safety network, and if you have a lot of sisters like I do, you get your own cheer squad.”

My sister Lillian and I are eight years apart. I was an only child for quite some time before she came around and I was used to being the center of attention. It took a while to adjust to the idea of being a big sister. Despite our constant arguing and inability to relate to each other—there’s not a whole lot you can bond over with an 8-year age difference—we are finding that we have more things in common as time goes on. I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my kid sister. Thanks, Lillian.

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