Get Out And Explore The Great Outdoors With The Metro Park Challenge

If I had to pick the one thing about Columbus that I appreciate the most, it would be our amazing Metro Park system.

The various Metro Parks have been such a welcome escape during the pandemic and I know that many people are just beginning to explore them. If you’d like to get to know the parks a little better, I highly suggest participating in the 2021 Explorer’s Challenge.

Starting May 1 and running through the whole summer until September 30, the Explorer’s Challenge consists of six challenges all across various metroparks. As you complete challenges, you’ll win embroidered patches. The first 100 people to complete all four base challenges will receive the Thru-Hiker achievement and will earn an exclusive Metro Parks Explorer T-shirt as well as a limited edition patch.

The six challenges will lead participants through nature preserves and trails with gorgeous views and interesting facts. This years challenges include water focused challenges like the River Rambler and the History Hunter Challenge, which explores Ohio’s ancient history.

Participants in all challenges can hike or paddle their way to a challenge-specific patch. Keep track of trails hiked and programs attended and validate them online when you’re ready, and then Metro Parks will send your rewards to you.

For more information about trails, challenges and rewards, please visit the 2021 Explorer’s Challenge website. Challenge cards will be posted online May 1 and distributed to select parks on or around April 30.

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