Science, Not Silence: Over 5,000 Marched For Science In The Capital City

Thousands of scientists, supporters, and activists took to the streets of Columbus over the weekend for the March for Science. This nationwide initiative encouraged people to get out on Earth Day, April 22, to raise their voices in support of government-funded science, research, and technology.

Approximately 5,600 people started their Saturday morning on the west lawn of the Statehouse, listening to speakers about the importance of the scientific community and the impacts science has on our society. But scientists are stopping there. This week marks a “week of action” for the organization, encouraging daily acts of engagement from it’s supporters.

Week of Action via March for Science

Across the 600 cities, tens of thousands of people marched in the name of Science, including approximatley 15,000 in Washington D.C. The demonstrations took place on all 7 continents, including Antartica.

Participants marched for many reasons, but the overwhelming theme of the day was the importance of scientific proof, not beliefs.

“I marched because science is my passion and livelihood. Solving the worlds problems across so many disciplines is truly astounding,” explained Sarah Taynor of Columbus, a biology lab technician and future PhD student.” I want to see these problems continue to be solved, and that requires further funding and acceptance of the information scientists are finding and sharing. That information is based on data, not beliefs, and that is an important distinction to make. I love what I do and it is incredibly rewarding. I want to be able to do it forever and see the results shape the world.”

If you were unable to attend the march, or you’d like to continue spreading the message of the March for Science, the Columbus branch is asking that you sign up to be part of continued action.

Did you attend the March in downtown Columbus? Tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter. For more information about the March for Science, click here.

Photos by: Sarah Taynor

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