Columbus Eagles FC To Take On Cincinnati Sirens FC At Mapfre Stadium

Still feeling a little sore over that Crew SC loss to Cincinnati FC? The Columbus Eagles FC are ready, waiting, and willing to defend the city’s honor this Saturday at Mapfre Stadium.

The Eagles will take on the Cincinnati Sirens FC in their last home game of the season and they are hoping to bring home a win for the capital city.

Kate Prewitt, who plays defense, has been with the Eagles for three seasons. Prewitt played soccer in college at the University of Findlay. Prewitt, along with the rest of the team, is ready to play a tough game at Mapfre.

“It will be cool on the big field,” said Prewitt. “I’m just looking forward to playing.”

Columbus Eagles FC Team Photo by Ken Tishenkel via Facebook

The Eagles have been a team for 4 years now, with most players aged between 18-33. That age range gives the team a slight advantage over others in the league. Other teams have younger players, primarily 18-22, so that extra confidence on the field comes in pretty handy.

The veteran players know how important it is to have a competitive women’s team available for them to play on, and they also have invaluable experience they can share with their teammates.

“It’s been nice to have an adult women’s league to play in. Back in 2008, the women’s league was poppin’, but it was on a rec level,” explained Abby Skoda, a veteran player for the Eagles.

“It was very competitive. But since then, it’s gone down. There haven’t been as many women playing. This is the only competitive women’s soccer that you’re going to get in this area at this level. So it’s nice from this perspective, to have that,” said Skoda.

Photo of Monique Hanayik by Ken Tishenkel, via Columbus Eagles FC Facebook

Monique Hanayik, center back, agrees. “It’s good to get out and play with people you might have played against formerly, in college or one point in time. It’s nice to have them all on your team and play at a highly competitive level,” she said.

Most of these women have been playing soccer their entire lives. Their desire to play is unrivaled, not only for themselves but for our city and for the younger players who look up to them.

Photo of Summer Bourcier by Ken Tishenkel via Columbus Eagles FC Facebook

Midfielder Summer Bourcier shared advice for young female athletes who are looking to the Eagles for inspiration. “Play for the people that are proud of you. Don’t play for people that belittle you,” said Bourcier.

“Play for the love of the game. Play for the people that make you proud,” she said.

The Columbus Eagles will battle against the Cincinnati Sirens at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 24 at Mapfre Stadium. If you already have tickets for the Crew SC vs. Montreal Impact game, you can attend the women’s match for free. Otherwise, tickets are $30, and are available here.

Here’s hoping the women can accomplish what the men weren’t able to do.


For more information about the Columbus Eagles FC, please visit their website. Are you heading to the game on Saturday? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter.

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