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14 Perfect Pups To Follow On Instagram From Columbus

I don’t know about you, but I spend more time then I would care to admit looking at pictures and videos of puppies on social media.

Here at Columbus Navigator, we are pretty obsessed with dogs. Small dogs, big dogs, weird dogs, furry dogs, we love them all. if you aren’t able to have a pup at this point in your life, then you probably know that it isn’t always easy to get your dog fix.

Luckily, you don’t just have to spend your time hanging out in dog parks and asking random strangers if you can pet their pups. Modern technology can bring the doggos of Columbus right to your fingertips.

Here are 14 dog-centric accounts from around Columbus that you just have to follow on Instagram!

Hunter the Chocolate Lab

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Hunter is an adorable chocolate lab with quite a personality. From walkies to the dog park, to fun new toys in his BarkBox, this labrador’s life is far from ruff.

Becky and Skipper the Golden Retreivers

Becky and Skipper aren’t just adorable goldens. They’re also our mascots here at Columbus Navigator. They bring us so much joy every day, and now you can get in on the action too.

Chip the Shiba Inu

This dog is a ball reddish fur and has a spunky grin. Chip’s hobbies include going for bike rides and kayaking with his humans. He loves to go out and see the city from different perspectives… like floating out on the Scioto River and frolicking in German Village.

Sadie the German Shorthaired Pointer

There’s no doubt that this dog’s white and brown flecked fur is prettier than whatever you’re wearing right now. When she’s not posing for her picture to be taken, Sadie is playing with tennis balls and getting her ears flipped inside out. Follow Sadie so you can try and replicate her style.

Skye the Corgi

The little fluff ball isn’t afraid to get down and dirty at the dog park, even if it means she’ll have to take a bath. Skye spends a lot of time exploring Columbus, but it seems like her favorite activity is snuggling up with her dog mom/hooman!

Homer and Heidi the Mutts

Homer and Heidi know that it’s not all about the pedigree. These two know how to rock a collar and scarf. Follow this duo and fall in love with those adorable faces.

 Chubbs Peterson the Bulldog

Named after Chubbs Peterson, the character in Happy Gilmore, this little chunka is spunky and fun. He’s also super friendly and sweet, which is exactly what you’d expect with a face like that. What a cutie.

The Doggy Day Spa in Grandview

Follow Doggy Day Spa to get daily pictures of pooches getting pampered. On top of their traditional dog grooming services, dog owners can take their furry friend to the Doggy Day Spa and make use of the bathing facilities without the hassle of washing your dog in your own bathtub.

Sunny Tails Dog Walking

Get out and go! Sunny Tails Dog Walking and Potty Pick-Up posts pictures of all their furry friends out and about around Columbus. Don’t have time to walk your pup on a day to day basis? Or maybe you need some help keeping your backyard poo-free? Sunny Trails can help.

The Franklin County Dog Shelter

The best part about following the Franklin County Dog Shelter is that after you fall in love with the dog in the photo you can go adopt it and add it to your family. The shelter also frequently regrams photos that volunteers take while walking and hanging out with the dogs.

Princess Penelope the Boston Terrier

This little cutie pie was rescued by her mom from the streets of Columbus, and they’ve been living the life ever since. Penelope loves to show off her fashonista vibes and going on adventures.

Olaf the Samoyed

This insanely adorable, puffy pup is Olaf the Samoyed. I promise, this isn’t an optical illusion, he really is that cute. When Olaf isn’t posing for pictures, you can find him playing with his friends at the park and hanging out at home with his siblings.

Ironwood Wolves

Of course, these aren’t your average house dogs, but we can’t talk about furry friends in Columbus and not mention Ironwood Wolves. Rachel, Matt, and their adorable crew of canids have one of the best Instagram accounts around. You’ll see these doggy-cousins on all sorts of adventures as they educate the public about wild canids.

Pawtrait Love

Kim Rottmayer is an amazing photographer here in Columbus, and her dog portraits are no exception. As a frequent volunteer at the Franklin County Dog Shelter, Kim meets lots of incredible dogs and documents them for all of us to enjoy. Additionally, you can have your pup or pet photographed by Kim. I think they’re ready for their close up.

Here’s hoping that we’ve helped you meet your adorable dog quota for the day. But just in case, here is 6 and half minutes of puppies being completely perfect.

Originally published 1/21/19. Updated 1/16/20.

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