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Columbus Crew SC May Host A Knockout Round Playoff Match In October, And It Could Be A Parking Nightmare

It seems like there are always parking issues at events in Columbus. But the potential parking situation that could occur at the Eastern Conference Knockout Round playoff match hosted at MAPFRE Stadium is a big one.

President of Business Operations Andy Loughnane for Columbus Crew SC wrote a blog post about the potential event and the parking nightmare it could cause.

Loughnane explained that there are times during the calendar year that Columbus Crew SC is prohibited from hosting matches. Six weeks during the MLS regular season belong to the State of Ohio.

One of the largest of these “black outs” occurs in October during the Ohio Quarter Horse Congress. From October 3-29, the Quarter Horse Congress will take place at the Ohio Expo Center, and will need all parking available for the event.

The problem is that the potential Eastern Conference Knockout Round playoff match could likely take place on either October 25 or 26. In the event that this conflict occurs, Loughnane says that the organizations are working together towards a solution. As of right now, he assures that:

  • Crew SC will maintain operation of B-Lot, VIP Lot, and H-Lot
  • Vehicles accustomed to parking in General Parking lots will be re-routed to the adjacent lots on the grounds of the Ohio History Connection (formerly known as Ohio Historical Society)
  • Additional public transportation and shuttling needs are being contemplated, and future announcements will be forthcoming once (and if) available
  • However, all of this preparation depends on one thing: Crew SC still needs to qualify for the playoffs. They have 10 regular season matches left.

    “We know this scenario will require each of us to manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow in a very different form, but we want to prepare so we can host a successful playoff match with strong attendance and the least amount of unexpected issues,” said Loughnane in the blog update. “In the interim, we recognize that we have work ahead of us to qualify for the playoffs and we look forward to the final 10 matches of the regular season.”

    Here’s hoping that the Crew makes it all the way and that we can all find a decent place to park.

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