Columbus Companies Are Stepping Up To Help Fight COVID-19 And It’s Inspiring

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, and Columbus businesses are proving themselves up to the task.

One of the biggest challenges of the coronavirus outbreak is finding the equipment needed to care for patients. From personal protective gear to keep our front line responders and healthcare workers safe, to the ventilators some patients need to breathe, sourcing these products hasn’t been as easy as most would have liked.

Across the country, various states have been left to their own devices, with the federal government even seizing orders of PPE and other coronavirus related goods. As states compete with one another to buy components of test kits and effective masks and respirators for healthcare staff, many states have shifted their focus to procuring the goods locally.

Here in Columbus, manufacturers, clothing producers, and even distilleries have pulled together to get the items we need to continue the fight against COVID-19.

Rogue Fitness may be known for their fitness empire, but right now, they’re focused on producing face masks, face shields, and air respirators. Paskolite, a Columbus based company that typically creates skylights, golf cart windshields, and light panels, has also stepped up to create face shields for healthcare workers, as well as sneeze guards to keep grocery store employees safe.

Perhaps one of the most noted achievements for Columbus businesses comes from Battelle Institute, who’s decontamination system is allowing hospitals and first responders to reuse PPE up to twenty times before discarding.

Battelle has also donated $1 million to three central Ohio organizations to provide increased emergency support. Recipients of the funds include the YMCA of Central Ohio, who received $500,000, as well as LifeCare Alliance (Meals on Wheels) and Community Shelter Board, who both received $250,000.

“It is well known that, in normal times, most of Battelle’s philanthropic efforts center around STEM education initiatives,” explained Lou Von Thaer, President and CEO of Battelle. “Given the impact that the pandemic is having on the health and well-being of our community, we turned to three trusted partners to understand the challenges they and their clients are facing so that Battelle could offer targeted support.”

From Atwood Rope Manufacturers crafting elastic bands needed for face masks to Costume Specialists sewing masks for the Central Ohio Transit Authority, Columbus companies are stepping up in this time of crisis and in the long run, their efforts will help save lives.

Even Columbus’ distilleries got in on the action. Watershed and High Bank both transitioned to producing hand sanitizer instead of alcohol. This gives essential businesses and first responders like police and firefighters, a place to locally acquire the hand sanitizer that is critical to their safety.

There are a lot of people out there who deserve our thanks right now, and all of these heroes creating essential goods are among them. If there’s one thing this crisis has made clear it’s that when we work together, we are capable of doing so much good.

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